Teri 800 M 2021 white (silver mesh) – portable nail dust collector

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Teri 800 M 2021 white – is what a professional manicurist needs.

The streamlined design of the casing, the power control, and the ease of operation all come together in this new nail dust collector from Teri brand.

Teri 800 M has a waterproof HEPA filter and removable stainless mesh on magnets. All inscriptions are engraved and will not be erased over time. The filter can be washed and treated with a disinfecting solution. The filter can only be used after it has dried completely.

All components come directly from our own manufacturer. The power supply unit is placed inside for mobility, and the power cable and ergonomic plug makes it more convenient.


Power: 80 Watts
Suction capacity: 2.5-4.5 m/s
Engine speed: 2700 per minute
Power supply: 230 Volts
Size: 257x262x108 mm (WxDxH)
Noise level: 63-76 dB
Warranty: 2 years


Nail dust collector
Power cable
Teri branded HEPA filter
Warranty card



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